Our Top Tips On How To Increase The Value Of Your Property

We have a few tips on tricks on how to increase the value of your property and how to make it unique compared to other locations on the market. These tips are great to invest in before you place your property on the market as you will be able to see the real benefits of doing so.

Installing bespoke windows

Many homeowners will take little notice of their windows as they are a standard feature in their property, however, there are places that can completely transform your thoughts on windows.

EOS Rooflights has a range of skylights that are suitable for flat rooms. Not only do these make a fantastic architectural change, but they allow tonnes of natural light into your home. Select your suitable window here.

Having something so small, yet so unique to your property can increase the value of your property and has potential for a higher asking price.

Before deciding on a new window for your home, it is important to consider the U-Value, which is an important factor to potential home owners as this helps to keep the energy bills low.

Clearing out your waste

Another way that you can improve the value of your property is by clearing out the waste. This is anything that you no longer use and is taking up space.

If your property has furniture included, you could always evaluate whether the furniture is still in a good enough condition. If this isn’t the case, you may want to look into changing or upgrading it.

For example, your property may have an old carpet with stains all over and this can decrease the value of your property, however you could change this by  replacing the carpet or even changing the floor material to wood.

To dispose of your waste, get in touch with a local professional. Rubbish Clearance Ltd can provide the following services for homeowners in Surrey:

  • Domestic rubbish clearance
  • Office removals
  • Commercial rubbish clearance
  • Construction rubbish clearance
  • Local independent rubbish clearance

Energy efficient homes are worth more to buyers

The immediate response to increasing the value of a property is cosmetic improvements; however structural problems can be an even bigger problem.

As properties age there are a number of defects which can appear such as slipped roof tiles, cracks in walls or plaster and ineffective insulation in the ceiling and wall. All of these problems are noticeable but often ignored. Well now is the time to get these things fixed.

Do you need help fixing a damaged roof or a complete replacement? Find a nearby contractor.

The hesitation is that property structural repairs costly, yet this is a myth and is not always the case.

The government is aware that many homes in the UK are in need if improvements, but tenants simply cannot afford them. Due to this, there are a number of government schemes and grants to solve this problem. You can qualify for free insulation with Keep Warm. Click here to see if you qualify.

Makeover the kitchen or bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom will always need to be seen as hygienic places if you’re trying to sell a family home.

If your bathroom looks dated it is advised to give it a slight makeover to modernise it. This doesn’t have to be a massive refurbishment, but by investing in new tiles or a lighter coat of paint can turn a small crowed room into an inviting place to relax.

Similarly the kitchen renovation industry has boomed by 30% over the past 6 years, one of the first rooms that homeowners are redecorating is the kitchen. There are so many new and innovative ways to create more space in your kitchen. More information.

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