Property Investment Insurance

Our commercial property insurance is designed to provide buildings, contents and loss of rent protection for commercial properties tenanted by high street trades such as shops and offices. Our commercial property insurance will also cater for both owner occupied and long term unoccupied properties pending acceptable tenants.

Top Tips to Protect Your Property

  • Install a security system focusing on the front and back doors and the garage if you have one
  • Regularly check the everyday systems in your home such as the plumbing and heating
  • Look into renewable energy systems to make your home more sustainable in the long run

Commercial Property Insurance

There are many benefits when arranging your commercial property insurance with Commercial-Protector. Our online quotation system will allow you to obtain an instant quotation within a matter of minutes, along with immediate cover and instantaneous delivery of your policy documents. We will also send out a full, hard copy of documentation by first class post within 3-5 working days of you taking the policy out.

For mortgage purposes, our commercial property insurance policies are acceptable to all banks and building societies.

If you have acquired a property and plan to rent, let or lease it out on a commercial buy to let basis, your mortgage lender will often stipulate you obtain a commercial buildings insurance policy – an insurance policy specifically underwritten for buildings tenanted by commercial trades and businesses.

Our niche commercial buildings insurance policies are specially underwritten to make sure you are provided with the exact insurance cover you require from a specialist insurer.


In order to make sure that you keep your property investing in property insurance is essential to protect it from various destructive events.