Make sure your Extension is Built Right

The Benefits of a House Extension

House extensions are an extremely popular way of increasing the value of your home. Although a house extension can cost up to £19,750, an extension can generate an additional profit of around £14,000.

However, poorly built extensions could cost you more in the future.

A high number of house extensions are done on the ground floor and are usually completed with a flat roof. If installed incorrectly, a flat roof could lead to structural damage such as leaks or rot. If you’ve noticed leaks or gaps in your roof, don’t worry; there is a solution.

Plug Gaps with a Simple Solution

A gap in your roof doesn’t mean you’ll have to replace it. One of the best solutions is to use Lap Sealant.

Lap Sealant is designed to work with various roofing materials, and works to seal exposed edges and gaps. See Rubber Roofing Direct.

Once applied, the Lap Sealant expands and contracts with the membrane. Lap Sealant doesn’t just cover gaps; it secures and protects them in the future. It acts as a double barrier to extreme weather conditions, ensuring that your roof and extension doesn’t deteriorate in wintery seasons.

Other Ways to Increase Your Property Value

Remember, your house value will continue to increase if maintained properly. However, if you’re prepared to undergo a house improvement project to increase our home value, why not look around for some more ideas.